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EQ – Fuelling Leadership

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

When leaders are effectively managing their EQ (emotional intelligence), the benefits to them, their people and their organisation can be enormous. When they are not, the costs across these same three levels are often significant.

EQ is perhaps the most critical factor that differentiates great leadership from average leadership. The reason emotions are critical is that the behaviour, performance and results of us and others are either fuelled or sabotaged by emotion. As a leader you have the opportunity to identify, manage and utilise these emotions in yourself and others to ensure important commercial goals and successes are achieved.

EQ skills can range from self-confidence to empathy, from being open to new ideas, to managing conflict, and everything in between. They key to EQ development is that it needs to be totally tailored to your needs and your situation, and when it is targeted in that way and effectively coached, you can expect a fundamental shift in your leadership performance, presence and the results you and your team achieve.

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