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How to Improve or Regain Motivation: Coaching Can Help

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Whether you are a leader, a member of a team or in business for yourself, being personally motivated is a vital ingredient for your sense of purpose, happiness and ability to achieve at a high level. Most people want their work to be personally meaningful as well as financially rewarding. To sustain a high level of motivation, or regain lost motivation, it is important to take the time to:

  • Identify what you really value, what drives and motivates you
  • Recognise the factors that de-motivate you
  • Build a compelling plan of action to help you move forward with a sense of purpose
  • Learn to think in a positive, productive way

In theory, this sounds straightforward. However, it involves self awareness and an ability to appraise yourself and to see yourself clearly. Years of thinking in a particular way can lead to blind spots. A skilled mentor or business coach can frame questions in a way that will enable you to articulate your values and drivers and work through the blind spots. The resulting clarity provides a basis to enable you make decisions about how you can remain motivated or regain lost motivation.

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