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Mentoring Business Leaders

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

When business leaders are looking to take a significant step up in their leadership or with their business, mentoring with the right mentor can provide significant benefits during that period of transition.

The skills and experience you require from the mentor and in the mentoring relationship, will vary depending on you and your situation, but if you want a significant breakthrough, there are three qualities the mentor will always need:

  • Leadership.  They have strong self awareness and self management skills.  They understand and feel comfortable with their own leadership.


  • Care.  They genuinely care for you and you know you can implicitly trust them.
  • Belief.  They believe in what you are capable of, perhaps to a greater degree than you initially do.  They can hold that belief and expectation of you as you develop it.

Mentoring or coaching can be a catalyst for fundamental shifts in your leadership and your results.  To learn about how coaching may benefit you, visit Stepshift’s executive coaching page or return to the blog categories page.

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