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Successfully Resuscitating a Business: Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

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CEOs have the least time and are under the most pressure during periods when they are leading their organisation through a period of significant change. The success of these change initiatives is often crucial in terms of the organisation and in terms of defining the CEO’s leadership.

When there is a lot to do and a lot to achieve, the frequency of interaction and communication with staff can be one area that suffers. This communication with staff, both the listening and the talking components, must be retained if the change initiative is to be successful. Why? Because staff can be energised by change initiatives and become the vehicles for that change, or they can be stressed by those change initiatives and they become the major road blocks. They need to feel engaged and this, in a large part, comes from them feeling listened to and valued through communication with their leader.

There are typically tasks that CEOs can delegate, however periodically walking around the floor communicating with staff should not be one of those tasks because when it is undertaken by the CEO, the payback on the time invested is massive. CEOs hold a position that allows huge influence to be wielded – this influence needs to be utilised and leveraged for change initiatives to be fully engaging for staff.

If you wish to lead significant change in your organisation, look at how you are listening to and communicating with staff. Find ways to do this authentically and regularly because keeping your finger on the pulse will ensure people are more engaged and your decisions are more informed.

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