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Success In A New Leadership Role: Your First 90 Days Are Crucial

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

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When as a leader you begin a new role, you may have some significant medium term objectives that you want to achieve. However key stakeholders who are looking at your performance will often decide within 90 to 120 days whether you have the capacity, capability and approach to succeed in your new role.

If you have just started, or are about to start that new leadership role, this is the time to stand back and consider what you can do to nail this position and make the first 90 to 120 days count – not just from your perspective but from the perspective of other stakeholders. You may be able to do this effectively by yourself or it may be that a friend or coach can assist you during this period. If the role is likely to provide significant challenges or be a stretch from what you have done previously, then the option of engaging an executive coach is likely to pay big dividends.

Taking time in that coaching relationship to plan the strategy that will allow you to get alongside key stakeholders in the first 90 days, understand them, position yourself for success, and achieve some early wins, will be crucial.

Take time to ask yourself how you can get appropriate support when making a start in your new role because that is when perceptions are formed and huge benefit is gained if you can ensure those early perceptions are positive.

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