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Leadership Team Role in Organisational Change is Critical

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Successful change or transformation of an organisational culture requires absolute commitment and involvement at all levels of the organisation, most importantly at the executive team level. The leadership team must drive and be the catalyst for achieving outstanding outcomes from the change process. Leadership teams are critical to the achievement, or not, of significant organisational development, change, growth and success. The effectiveness and performance of these teams impacts significantly both inside and outside the business.

Leadership teams have enormous organisational reach – they are in day-to-day contact with many people throughout the organisation. As a result their impact on the organisation is much more highly leveraged than that of a CEO and their effective commitment and involvement is critical to achieving significant change.

Much has been written about the factors that lead to successful organisational change interventions. While the stated causes are many and varied, a common aspect underpinning each factor is the crucial role of the leadership team. In our experience limited attention is given to consciously creating an outstanding leadership team as part of the organisational change process. What little attention is given tends to be reactive, superficial and largely ineffective.

The good news is that an effective leadership team development initiative does not take the team away from ‘the real business.’ Indeed it is most effective as an integral and essential part of achieving effective organisational change.

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