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Leaders for the Future

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Leaders moving the business forward or holding it back

When there is a need for a business or organisation to deliver on a significant vision, the leadership group will play a key role in determining whether that vision is delivered or not.

The capacity of the leadership group and their capability in terms of hard and soft skills must line up with the aspirations of the organisation. This is irrespective of whether those objectives relate to growth, restructuring or some other strategic cultural change. Yet often the leadership does not line up with the future business they will be charged with delivering – the leadership reflects more closely the business as it is, or as it was.

Leadership promotion, recruitment and development is often based on the company’s current or past state and less on the leadership skills required to move the business forward and deliver on the future vision. Any leadership planning must have a future bias and if it doesn’t then that future is likely to remain just that – a vision.

Take some time to consider how your leadership is placed to deliver on your organisational vision. Decide what needs to be put in place for the leadership capacity or capability to deliver that vision rather than constrain it.

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