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CEOs Leading Change: A Time of Challenge, Pressure and Opportunity

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

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There are times when Chief Executives (CE’s) are under significant pressure to lead critical change in their organisation. During these times they have the most on their plate and the most they need to achieve. It is important for CE’s to get the best out of themselves and their leadership at these times for the sake of their:

  • personal wellbeing
  • success in leading the change initiative
  • leadership legacy which is often defined during these periods

When critical change initiatives are being embarked on, or implemented, this is not a “business as usual” scenario. It is a unique environment and as such the Chief Executive often needs to take a very different approach to optimise their leadership during these periods. Why? Because these are periods where stakeholder relationships can become more complex, internal politics can go to another level and the leadership workload grows.

This is not a time to shut the office door, put your head down and become more insular. It is a time to find a close confidant, mentor or coach, to meet with them regularly and use them as a sounding board. What can disappear at times of high workload and challenge is clarity and sometimes confidence. Clarity and confidence are two essential ingredients for CE’s when they are leading significant organisational change.

The right mentoring or coaching relationship will allow the CE to regularly step back from the day-to-day pressures, workload and challenges and this stepping back leads to greater clarity, confidence and allows more effective action, behaviour and decision making.

Leadership wellbeing and success is often determined by the effectiveness of CE’s in those periods when they have most on and most to achieve. Ensure you have, during these periods of change, the support required to get the best from yourself, your team and your organisation.

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