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Achieving Optimal Performance Key to Success

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Identifying key reasons for both effective and ineffective performance of people is a critical factor in achieving outstanding results for your organisation. This is equally true whether you are talking your personal performance or the performance of those who report to you. Our first thoughts on the subject, while helpful, are frequently only part of a more complex and exciting state of affairs. It is therefore important to explore the subject of your personal performance (and those around you) in more depth and to keep an open mind. Sometimes the reasons may surprise you.

Stepshift Executive Coaches are trained to enable their clients to identify the enablers and disablers of success. Clients find that performance (or lack of it) is rarely based purely on a lack of competency or ability. Also relevant are focus (i.e. understanding knowledge and clarity) and willpower (which comes from a clear understanding and effective use of beliefs, values, emotions and attitudes). When all three are present anything is possible.

As leadership coaches we can often bring to a conscious awareness the skills that our client is already using in a different and more familiar context. Often too, our clients identify self-limiting beliefs that have little basis in reality. Through the coaching process our clients also develop an understanding clarity and focus on the issues that are critical to their personal and business success.

Improved personal performance leading to improvement in business performance is the outcome.

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