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Self Awareness for Leaders: Leadership Starts at Home

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Those who take their leadership to new heights develop the ability to positively impact and influence others. These others may be staff, colleagues, a senior or clients.

The impact may involve anything from building relationships to motivating to influencing change. Irrespective of who you wish to impact and how, it starts with self-awareness. Why? Because if we are to have an awareness of others and how we do and can impact and influence them, we will first have improved our self-awareness and our ability to impact ourselves.

This includes self-awareness of our thinking, our mood (emotional awareness) and our behaviour. How do we operate in certain situations and where is this helping us as a leader to be effective and not so effective? Developing self-awareness often underpins significant improvements in leadership skills and these improvements are likely to be sustained.

The best ways to improve self-awareness is to step back with our adviser or executive coach and assess your leadership or even better, get some honest assessment work done, which identifies how others see your leadership in terms of both strengths and weaknesses.

Self-awareness is a prerequisite for leadership change and improvement. If you want to take a significant step up with your leadership, start by understanding more about who you are as a leader. This will take courage and deliver rewards.

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