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Communication Skills: Use the Beginner’s Mind

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I recently wrote about how good listening skills are a key ingredient of effective management and leadership, and  team members that feel they have been listened to and have been able to contribute to a solution have a stronger level of commitment. A leader who listens well will have much better information with which to make more effective decisions.

I also noted that often leaders have exceptionally good communication skills and yet fail to use them effectively. To develop your communication skills further, try using the “beginners mind”. I first learnt this concept in martial arts. Basically it states that in the mind of a beginner there are many possibilities while in the mind of an expert there are few. Thus listening with the beginners mind involves being curious and interested and having a mind open for learning and growth.

You may be surprised how much knowledge, experience and wisdom exists in your team waiting for you to unlock it.

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